Naturally the very first action to take will be finding that detector that you have been dreaming of month after month year after year. Your adrenalin soars everytime  you see those guys and women on the beaches , the parks, and on popular television shows like “American Diggers” and “Diggers”.One of the biggest mistakes that the first time buyer makes is thinking that the more expensive (High End) detector will do a better job in the field. Think again. This is not always true.

While there are several metal detector manufacturers around such as Garrett, Bounty Hunter, Whites, Fisher ,Tesoro and Teknetics, each has High End as well as Low End detectors. Keep in mind that there are different types of detectors for finding different types of items such as gold. That said, the things you must consider when purchasing your first detector will be:

  • It’s capabilities
  • It’s weight
  • It’s design
  • It’s costMetal Detector Collage

I have discovered over the years that at times, using a Low End detector gave me the same results as a High End detector. While it’s true that the High End detectors have more bells and whistles such as target images, some of the Low End units also have their own bells and whistles .I have several detectors at the present and I must say that the Garrett ACE 250 has become my favorite go to detector due to it’s user friendly design, capabilities, results, and of course cost. (A Real Workhorse) for the money. Before making that final decision of which detector to purchase, decide on what type of treasure hunting you intend to do. What are your goals. What can you really afford to buy at the moment. Stay Tuned for a lot of informative information on Where, How, and What Types Of Research will lead to your success . 

(So Stay Tuned)





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