Treasure Hunting With Bob Rigdon

I moved to Dallas in 1982 from Chicago a short two years after purchasing my first metal detector. I have been actively researching and metal detecting/treasure hunting ever since. I Have appeared in the past years with articles in “Lost Treasure”, “Treasure Found” and recent September 2013 issues of “Western & Eastern Treasures” as well as the summer 2013 issue of the “Garrett Searcher”. Aside from being a member of the greatest hobby on the planet, I have been an actor as well. Appearing in 50 episodes of Walker Texas Ranger, 15 movies as well as several commercials.

My goal at this point of my life is to share the best possible know how’s and do’s and don’ts of metal detecting/treasure hunting with the in-experienced as well as the experienced metal detector users. I will attempt to write great information and advice articles in the coming months. I am a current member of the Lone Star Treasure Hunting Club based in nearby Irving, Texas. I first joined in 1984. So stay tuned…

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